Tuesday, September 28, 2010

These are brainstorming/rough sketches of the project "To Contain" from J III.
It is a 2 x 2 x 1.25 inch jewelry box.

Monday, September 27, 2010

"forget-me-not" ebony ring

This ring is made of Ebony, Gaboon, and decorated with enameled silver flower,
"forget-me-not". I like the color comvination: glossy blue and matt black.
When people coat enamel on silver, they would use fine silver, which i didn't have, so I made fine silver piece from sterling silver. Torching sterling silver blows copper away, you can see dark black oxidation on the surface of annealed sterling silver.
Torch it, and pickle it over and over agian till the oxidation doesn't come out, and then you get a fine silver. :D ....but I am telling this, you don't want to do this, this technique takes time endlessly.
so .. I recommend that you'd better buy Fine Silver if you want to enamel them! :)

"Hug" designed products

Ring sketches; Designin for production

Monday, September 20, 2010

Small Wood Unique Pieces

1. Wood USB driver
-Could we really not come up with a better way to violate these animals via USB? Apparently not, and I have no better suggestions to offer as far as the placement of their uh, receptacle. Poor guys get no respect at all. Just living out USB life day after horrible day, like a having perpetual proctology exam as time slides toward infinity.

You can thank Japanese company Marubeni InfoTech. This is their line of wooden USB drives. Each features a 1GB storage capacity and you get five animals to choose from: dog, pig, elephant, hippopotamus and a swan, available in maple or walnut. They’ll cost you $73. Is there an organization for the ethical treatment of wood animals?

2. USB Driver with notes
This 2GB thumb drive is encased in White Oak. It’s basically a Jenga game piece with tiny little Post-It Notes glued on. It may not look like much, but at least it combines two items that take up room on your desk into one device.

The only problem is that when the Post-It notes run out, you’re stuck with a wooden flash drive that somehow finds it’s way into the Jenga box to mingle with all the other pieces, only to be lost forever since no one plays that stupid game. The notes, being an odd size can’t be replaced easily. All for $30.

4. Customized Wooden Engagement/Wedding Ring Boxes!

5. Padouk Wood Business Card Case

No matter how good you are, no one’s going to hang on to your business card if it’s crumpled from being in your pocket. Maintain a sharp professional appearance with a card holder that’s more than simply adequate, but noticeable and attractive. The Padouk Wook Business Card Case by Masakage Tanno makes a great conversation piece and holds your cards elegantly inside. To keep a smooth, non-obtrusive appearance the case is held shut by a magnet. $82

Read more: Padouk Wood Business Card Case Cool Material http://coolmaterial.com/gear/padouk-wood-business-card-case/#ixzz106f9Vhr2

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Designing for Production _ wooden rings, "All about nature"

I use Paduak, the red color wood above, and ebony, the dark black wood.

I made a organic shape of wooden ring. This uneven shape and texture feels comfortable when I wear them.

These are bangles have as same design as my rings.

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Friend of the Night" _ Honors Project

Sometimes, when I go back home after working late at school, I see the dark night sky filled with clouds. When I was around ten years old, I used to be afraid of being under the night sky when filled with clouds. I used to think that the clouds might fall down. Also, the stark contrast between black sky and the white clouds freaked me out. During such nights, I would hang my head and run straight home.

Tonight, however, the clouds felt more like my friend of the night. I found it difficult to keep my eyes focused on the road because I couldn't help but want to stare at the sky. At that moment, I was listening to "Friend of the Night" by Mogwai. I find this piece of instrumental music to be inspirational, especially for my work. Tonight, while driving under the cloudy night sky, I felt calm and happy. The atmosphere, created by the music and the night sky, led me into a dreamy trance. It was quite an inspiring and relaxing drive home.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Honors Project _ intro

I have couple of rough sketches, and just dicided my design theme;
"Ideas that you don't want to miss everyday."

I focus on making more functional wooden box than I've made from last semester, and I hope my works will be part of our life. People carry thier everyday objects such as pills, cigarette, or glasses, and they might need a container to carry those. This leads me to improve my former wooden boxes adding functional aspect. Also I'd like to apply my theme "Ideas that you don't want to miss everyday" into my works.

Here's I bring several ideas;
Hug your friends with your both arms,
Look up at the sky and take a deep breath,
Smile at people
and so on.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010