Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New pieces

The Jumping Rabbits, brooch
enameled copper, brass, nickle silver, nickle, wool, cast resin

According to my theme, I symbolized the celebration and the completion, and they are represented on my works. The donut-shape pieces are holding pomegranates seeds, cast resin, in the middle, so I want more focusing exploration of my feeling about this project.

The Jumping Rabbits#2

enameled copper, sterling silver, nickle silver, cast resin

The Jumping Rabbits #3
enameled copper, copper, nickle silver, flocking

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

Die forming process


frame #3

frame #1

1. using the frame #3

① 95D/ 4000psi -> breaks the piece

2. using #3
① 80D/ 1500 psi -> 1/8 ~ 1/4 inch
② 80D/ over 2000 psi -> breaks the piece

3. using #3 (the only piece I got ok from these five pieces, 2/16/2011)
① 80D/ 1200 psi
② 80D/ 1500 psi
③ 90D/ 1800 psi (little below 1/2 inch)

4. using the frame #1
① 80D/ 1200 psi -> higher than the result w/ frame #3
②80D/ 1500 psi
③80D/ over 2000 psi -> breaks the piece

5. using #1
① 80D/ 1200 psi
②80D/ 1800 psi .................broke this one ...

I used 24g copper, and they are too thin to be formed with over 2000psi pressure.
I might try 20 - 22g copper as well.


Pieces #2, #3, and #4 are used 22g copper, and as I thought they stood the pressure over 2000 psi, bur has be under 2100.
For the best result I would use 80D urethane pressured 2000 psi with frame #1.
With Frame #2, I would use 95D and 80D pressured 3000 psi.
When I use 24g copper (thinner than 22g), with frame #2,
I would use 80D/ 1600, and the second try will be 80D/ 2500 psi.


The new frame #4 !
24g copper
①80D/ 1500
②80D/ 2200 or 2500

24g copper
I should press under 2500 psi, and can get a nice shape :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

02/15/2011 casting resin mold and a sketch

The first part of my project is making a brooch.. i'm working on many many pieces thou just is case. Using enameled copper, graphite pencil for drwaing, and hand made plastic pomegranates!
(I already sized this pictures, but why turned out so small? i don't get the technique system here.) (for better view, click the image = - =)
Here are the pictures of making a pomegranates mold, but this one didn'd go well.
The wire that I attatched to pomegranates was so small and made a narrow pathway which is too narrow to let the resin go inside the room, so it made just poor redish chunks..
not a pomegranates shape..
And then I made the second mold, there's no pathway, the opening is the edge of the pomegranates! I hope the wider opening will make better result!
And I made these cute fake pomegranates!
I'm so happy that I got good color combination to make these looks like real one.

3-4 drops red color and a little of blue !

The last picture shows real pomegranate (in middle of the pic) and fake one.
they don't look that different!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Spring, start a new project, "Year of The Celebration"

As a senior student, I am currently working on my own website. Hope to post every process and works of the project on my website soon. Before that, I decided to use here,, as the digital sketchbook.

This semester is my last one of the curriculum according to take bachelor's degree, so I'm working on senior project, and having the show on May.

The ideas of my works are from the feeling that I finally graduating of the school this year, and this feeling is not only just hapiness that I finish the school, but also about the feeling of expectancy that I will take a first step of my life trip.

Also I use images of rabbits in my drawing, and this is from the zodiac of this year, 2011.