Monday, October 26, 2009

Wax Studies 2009

This is my wax studies for casting class 2009.
We do make 6 pieces wax modles; solid sphere, hollow sphere, solid geometric object, hollow geometric object, solid organic object, and hollow organic object.
these are my 8 pieces first casting modles, and I was so exciting to cast things that I hand- carved. After casting, however, I got frustrated cuz I messed up inveting which was too much water in it. You MUST see monutains lingering around the surface of water, but I didn't.

So .. I got these miserable, crazy funky guys. Flashing all aroung, I kinda like the piece on the bottom right which is suppoed to be a fish. ... but fail is fail, so I made my second modles ASAP.

Finally I got pieces exactely I wanted to get!