Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures with Namu Cho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At ACC I worked for Namu cho who is eminent jewelry+metalsmithing artist eespecially making Damascus steel. I worked two days, and all the time working with him was a really priceless.

namu cho dumping somethin into trash can ... xp

This bracelet is my favorite piece, which worthy of $7000!
I like the soft color pink fron the rose gold.
This bangle reminds me "The Birth of Venun"
How elegant and lovely it is!!

Process of making paper room divider; material class prj.

Paper, cotton ball, potpourri, and water. That's all we need to make scented paper room divider.
I don't know why lots of foams comes out (it's definetly comes from potpourri, but how come? maybe there's remained soap for dried flower?), but I finally solved the problem.
Now I blend potpourries seperately, once I blend'em, drain it, so I can get rid of foams from potpourries. Set them aside, and then blend paper+cotton ball, and I mix all materials.

Sunday working became ordinary event ...

Go Junior ....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wearable cast paper art

ART 319; Material project
recycled paper, ink, pearls, stering silver

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Color red; most inspiring color

creative caffeine [electofoming + organic, nature pieces]

Real Leaves Preserved in 24Kt Gold - 24kt Gold Electroform Jewelry The beauty of this process is that each piece of jewelry is made from a real leaf so each one is unique. No two are alike. The process is called Electroforming. We take a hand picked real leaf and hand paint the surface with a copper based paint.

The Sea Pendant - Electroformed from the surface of a vertical slice of a seashell, the Sea Pendant was first made in copper, and then plated with pure silver. Once the initial film was plated to the shell face, I removed it from the shell and electroformed it under high anode to cathode ratio with heavy agitation to form this unique texture.

electroforming on iris seed pot

wood working; carving, inlay, polishing

polished piece, used birwaw.
make sure ari is ventilated, it smells like lacqer.

before <-> after

Electroforming: organic pices

These are my final pieces ........................... branch, orange peel, and grapes branches(?) ..

This one is the orange peel, but too much dipping-in came out just ugly big chunk.

Before going into bath

well actually I hete this website; this blogging system sucks! I can't even drag pictures here so I re-order it that I want! I have another blog of Korean website, and they have great great blogging system, and on that blog, I post almost everyday because It is freaking easy to do !
I don't have to be good at HTML, and they have so many great word process functions!
every time I post images, I edit, resize, and retouch it. I can even post videos!
I am absolutely not a digital person, but it was comfortable and easy to handle blog!
How about BLOGGER.COM? Sucks.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sharon Church Wooden jewelry

Topsy Turby Pendant

Snake Leaf Brooch



Scatter Pin

Purple Heart

Magic Remains

It was the most beautiful day of the Summer

Forgotten Corsage

Cabbage Corsage

Bleeding Heart


Artist Statement

Sharon has spent her creative life making studio jewelry and is perhaps best known for her carved jewelry forms. She carves forms inspired by nature – pods and flowers that have evolved from seed and a division of cells. They burst with life. Paradoxically, she works in materials that were once alive and now are dead: bone, horn and wood – they physically embody the life cycle. Forged metal elements lend a different kind of life force to the work. The rhythmic pounding of the metal spreads life like a heartbeat into elements that support and structure the work. Together, the carved and forged forms embody a symbolic language of growth and decay, death and renewal – timeless images that are at once tender and powerful. Her jewelry seeks to embody shimmering beauty along with its dark, damp and mysterious underpinnings. It is adornment that girds the wearer, jewelry that empowers, enables and protects. On the body, the work becomes spectacle. Both wearer and ornament combine to become a performance piece, creating an image that is fierce yet responsive.

Her most works are interesting, and I definitely see how she loves nature. (and little creatures)
However I counld even look at one of her work, Frog thing.. I hate the frog's skin pattern, makes me sick!! I love how she paint on wood and that color choice, but I am just wondering whether "Cabbage Corsage" is painted by artist or not. The color is wood color, but to me, that looks too perfect wood color. Im just curious..

Chinese princess costume from the opera, "Turandot"

You might want to click images so you can see enlarged version.
I love that color combination, red + black, i know it seems like pretty ASIAN ....(plus cloud pattern on the dress..hehe)